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We exist in a pivotal moment in history as we have a chance to expand our existence to another planet.

However—despite some scientific and political incentives—there's no self-feeding economy between Earth and its neighbors, yet.


As the composition of Mars’s crust is similar enough to Earth’s, the oft-popularized idea of mining metals, for example, does not make much sense. 

And some contemporary suggestions such as tourism or technology/IP transfer would take a long time to develop into a balanced trade relationship. 


Therefore, the biggest problem with creating a strong interplanetary connection with Mars and Earth seems to be that there are no obvious economic incentives to conduct trade.


To remedy that, we founded The Mars–Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to create a stronger economic and cultural connection between the two planets.

One of our first initiatives is The Mars–Earth Art Competition which sends one part of the interplanetary art piece to Mars—creating a unique cultural link between the two planets.

The proceeds from auctioning the first part will also cover the transportation expenses of sending the second part to Mars.

…the art competition is also a precursor to our next envisioned initiative which is the Mars Grand Prix (more details TBA). 

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